Friday, 6 February 2015

We also have another little Triumph project brewing in the garage. This one like Joes 3TA is based on the C range of Unit twins. The frame and engine casing date from the year of my birth so I am going to make something which I can live with for many years to come. Its all from bits gathered up from the usual sources such as Ebay or local autojumbles and even a few donations from mates. so lets start the story with the frame.
Its probably worth mentioning what else we have on the go in the shed A future project is the recommissioning of Uncle Joe's 1961 3TA. Sadly he passed away and he left me this bike that had been stored in a nice dry garage for about 30 years. Its pretty much all there and will receive a full engine rebuild as part of the project. I am thinking of leaving the paint as original and just polishing rather than repainting to keep the lived in feel it has.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Its been a while a long while since I put anything on here. Somehow Blogging seems a vintage alternative to face book. so what has been going on in the shed? The Matchless was finished and has even won a trophy for going fast...that is an oxymoron I know, but in the hands of my lad it was quite a little coup.